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your project is important to us.

We want to design, customize and optimize your project. 
Learn more about how we help our clients reach their goals. 
Meet Brooke & Jamieson
Brooke Hawkins

Award-winning designer

Jamieson Ogle

Technology wrangler

clients call us the dynamic duo because we balance each other's skillset.

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Client Goals


We specialize in helping you meet your business goals. We'll produce beautiful, engaging sites your customers will love while working behind the scenes to boost your site's visibility, potency and authority.

Let's Work Together!


We have a scheduling tool that you can use or we can find a time to meet outside these times. Just email us a few days and times that work for you.

If you prefer a good ol' fashioned phone call, that works for us too. Call Brooke at 812-350-0750

when we're not working on the wix marketplace, here's what we're up to.

What our Clients Say


"Brooke and Jamieson have built two websites for my companies. They are responsive, open-minded and  solution-oriented."

Travis, Owner

Tovey Perry Co.

"I manage our site on a daily basis, but there are some things that are too complicated or time consuming for me to do. Brooke is always ready to help with updated, big or small.

Kris, Manager


"I manage a coworking space and I often count on Echo Bravo to help me think through what functionality needed on the site to best serve our members."

Liz, Manager

The Workshop

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