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Food for thought

We believe some of the best ideas are born when conversations move out of the conference room and into the dining room. We have designed Food for Thought events for a number of clients who have great ideas, but lack connections to individuals with expertise that could contribute to the success of their project. Echo Bravo designs a casual, yet focused brainstorming and idea sharing exercise during which diverse thought leaders come together to explore a topic in-depth while sharing a meal. 


Echo Bravo works with clients to develop the guest list of experts, the menu, and provides a facilitator and scribe during the meal. The only responsibility the client and guests have during the event is to enjoy the hospitality and have conversation. 


Following the event, Echo Bravo will provide a summary of the discussion along with action items for the client to undertake in pursuit of their vision.

what we do:

  • Custom menu design

  • Wine pairings

  • Bring together diverse perspectives

  • Facilitation and documentation

  • Brainstorming and ideation

  • Summary and action items

our very favorite:


Besides seeing amazing ideas come to life, we love calling upon Josh’s expertise as a certified Sommelier to select wines that pair perfectly with the cuisine and the topic at hand.

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