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Grace Kestler for City Council 

Working on Grace’s campaign was an opportunity to do what we do best: leverage community relationships and design strong communication. We created a visual identity that was fun and relatable, while still instilling confidence in voters. 

what we did:


Campaign visual identity and graphic design

Social media 

Advertising plan

Media relations



Campaign platform development

Speech writing

Development and project management of video

Campaign event planning


Data and Strategy 

Voter data analysis 

Fundraising strategy

our very favorite:

The family of colorful, illustrated characters Brooke designed for Grace’s campaign materials were incredibly adaptable and allowed us to customize graphics for specific events while working within the same visual language.


For example, for the PRIDE Festival, one of the characters was holding a rainbow heart, and for during the Bartholomew County Fair we added a 4-H clover to the mix.

Thank you.png
Poster on Desk PSD Mockup.png
Man Holding iPhone Mockup.png
Sticker on Laptop Mockup_2.png
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